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  • What you make of it
    This is a painting of what we were looking at while our car was being stolen at the beginning of October, as we hiked in a lonely, empty desert park. Ours was the only car in the parking lot, and it was visible from the highway. When we came back from our walk, the car… Continue reading What you make of it
  • Back to Painting
    Well, Ageless has been out for several months now and all this time I’ve been trying to think of what to write next. For awhile I thought I had something; I was all ready to dive in seriously, write every day, set a word count goal, etc… but it got away from me. A stolen… Continue reading Back to Painting
  • Seen Any Good Movies Lately?
    The other night my husband and I finally watched The Batman. I say finally not because I’m a big fan and I’ve been eagerly waiting, but because my twenty-year-old son really liked it and has been telling us we should see it. When Alexander recommends a movie, I listen, even though our tastes are different.… Continue reading Seen Any Good Movies Lately?
  • I Blog on Thursdays
    Yes, this is wishful thinking. But let’s try it on. Ageless is now available on Amazon as a paperback and ebook! A few people have bought it. Maybe they’re even reading it! I hope they’re enjoying it. Would sure be nice to have a few reviews!
  • Hello, I’m back
    Reading over my old posts, I feel like an archaeologist delving into ancient history. In the last two years, so much has happened and so much has changed.  For now, I’ll only talk about what’s happened in my writing. I’m glad that She Made a Monster is still out there, still selling best around Halloween.… Continue reading Hello, I’m back