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One Year of SMAM!!!

Today was the one year anniversary of the publication of She Made a Monster. Yep, one year ago today I finally became a published author! And it’s been a pretty great year. But a lot of things really haven’t changed, and I thought I’d list some of those. —I still get ridiculously excited when someone… Continue reading One Year of SMAM!!!

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Q & A on Deborah Kalb’s Blog!

I really enjoyed answering these questions on the blog of Deborah Kalb, a children's book author and journalist. She asked me why I decided to write about Mary Shelley and what I think kids will get out of the story of She Made a Monster, among other things. She also asked me what I'm working… Continue reading Q & A on Deborah Kalb’s Blog!

childrens' books, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley

Getting ready for a busy weekend!

Tomorrow--SCHOOL VISITS in Fremont.  Saturday: VALLEJO FRANKENFEST with Trick-or-Treating downtown for the kiddos. I'll be at the Vallejo Bookstore at 11 AM, then back to Pleasant Hill for the FALL FINE ART SHOW! (in the pic at left, mine are the peppers and the cup full of pencils, but I'll be showing abstracts at the fair, plus… Continue reading Getting ready for a busy weekend!

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THREE Weeks til Pub Day!

Today is Tuesday, which means that SHE MADE A MONSTER officially goes on sale in exactly three weeks! I can’t believe it. Sometimes it seems like it’s been such a long time coming, but I’m told by those who know that the process actually went lickety-split for this book. And I have to believe them… Continue reading THREE Weeks til Pub Day!