Discussion Questions

Here are some questions to get you or your students thinking about the story in She Made a Monster:


Why do you think Mary wants to be a writer?

Why do people like stories? Why do people want to tell stories?

What kind of stories do you like best and why?

How is the setting important in the story?

What does it mean to “conquer Nature”? Is it possible? Is it a good idea?

Can you think of some examples of “conquering nature” being a good thing? A bad thing?

How is science important in the story?

What kinds of questions does science try to answer?

What are some questions that science has already answered? And what questions has it not answered? What about at the time of the story?

What is important about Mary’s mother?

What does Mary think about her mother and why?

What does it mean to give something life?

If electricity makes a dead frog move, does that mean it’s alive?

What would you do if you brought something to life? Would you be afraid?

What do you think the monster wants from Mary?

How would you feel if you were the monster? If you were Mary?

Why does Mary feel happy at the end of the story?

Have you ever felt happy about something that started out being scary or difficult?