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Out & About

Yesterday I was in San Francisco to help out with storytime at the beautiful Charlie's Corner bookstore, where they had a fantastic window display featuring SMAM (I love saying this abbreviation for my book title: "Smam! Smam, lovely Smam!"), and guess what, later on we walked past a different bookstore, and they had SMAM in… Continue reading Out & About

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THREE Weeks til Pub Day!

Today is Tuesday, which means that SHE MADE A MONSTER officially goes on sale in exactly three weeks! I can’t believe it. Sometimes it seems like it’s been such a long time coming, but I’m told by those who know that the process actually went lickety-split for this book. And I have to believe them… Continue reading THREE Weeks til Pub Day!

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How Mary Shelley made a monster… in her own words. Part 1.

To mark only TWO MONTHS until publication, I want to let Mary Shelley tell in her own words how she made a monster.  This is the story as she tells it in her introduction to the 1831 edition of Frankenstein. Since it's a bit long, I'm going to divide it up into a few separate posts.… Continue reading How Mary Shelley made a monster… in her own words. Part 1.

childrens' books, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, publishing, writing

Getting Closer… and, Reviews!

Only 3 months to go til publication, plus SHE MADE A MONSTER has already gotten a couple of really nice reviews! From Booklist: "Eye-catching artwork and engaging storytelling give this biography of a fascinating woman even more appeal." And Kirkus: "An elegant picture book that will signal to young readers that there is more to the… Continue reading Getting Closer… and, Reviews!