A sci-fi novel for teens and adults, AGELESS asks the question: What if we were all like Frankenstein’s monster?

In a future without families, lab-grown “PETs” are the perfect companions for lab-grown people. But what happens when the PETs become more human than the humans?

Reina is a runaway Psyche Enhancement Therapy unit, or PET. Over the years, she’s changed and grown into something almost human. Now she survives in the wilderness, intent on revenge against her creators, the species she calls Ageless.

Caspar is a new human, full of questions he’s not allowed to ask. What goes on in the Repopulation Labs? How long do people really live? And when a dying woman begs him to smuggle her PET to safety: Is helping her worth risking his future centuries of life? 

If Caspar takes the PET to the Forest, he might get answers. Reina might get revenge. And they both might learn something that could destroy the Ageless world. 

Unless the Ageless world destroys them first.

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