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One Year of SMAM!!!

Today was the one year anniversary of the publication of She Made a Monster. Yep, one year ago today I finally became a published author! And it’s been a pretty great year. But a lot of things really haven’t changed, and I thought I’d list some of those.

—I still get ridiculously excited when someone says anything nice about my book. Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

—I still love reading it to kids and feeling the hush fall over the room near the end when the story gets spooky.

—I still love seeing it in the library.

—I still love looking at Felicita Sala’s beautiful illustrations.

—I still don’t know what to do on social media!

And here are some things I’ve learned this past year:

—Getting one book published, even with a big publisher, won’t make you famous (ha!)

—Getting one book published definitely doesn’t guarantee another one!

—Bazillions of fabulous picture books are published every year, by incredibly talented authors and artists, and they all deserve way more readers!

So, it’s been an exhilarating, terrifying, puzzling, humbling, and fascinating year! I’ve learned a huge amount about books, publishing, and marketing—but the biggest thing I’ve learned is, of course, how much I still don’t know!

Guess I have to write another book… I better get cracking!

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